National Dasman Diabetes Biobank (NDDB)

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National Dasman Diabetes Bio bank is a centralized core facility for providing sample collection, processing, storage and disbursement of human and animal biomaterials to support research community of the highest standard. NDDB is equipped with state-of-the art storage devices (Freezers, liquid nitrogen tanks), histology facility and cell line repository. Staff are experienced with specialized molecular techniques such as DNA extraction from peripheral blood, nucleic acid extraction from frozen and paraffin embedded tissues, serum and plasma isolation, peripheral blood mononuclear cells isolation and immunohistochemistry, histological techniques (staining, processing of fresh and frozen tissue samples – cryopreservation, paraffin blocks and histological sections, tissue microarray and digital slide scan). The NDDB can also manage samples for genomics and proteomics research projects. NDDB team is fully equipped with the latest software for statistics and data management, includes SPSS and SAS-JMP Statistical programs. NDDB is using Tissue Auditor Sample Tracking Software to virtualize the sample management. NDDB is an active member of European, Middle Eastern and African Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking (ESBB).


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