SMBE Carer Travel Award

  • Eaaswarkhanth, M. (Recipient)

Prize: Honorary award


SMBE recognizes that many of our members are also carers and that these personal responsibilities can present a major challenge to attending scientific meetings, and hence to career advancement. We also recognize that you know best how to care for your own relatives and what their needs are, or that you yourself may have need of a carer to help you attend the meeting. Accordingly, in addition to providing affordable day care at our annual meeting, SMBE will make available up to $1000 to SMBE members with children or dependent adults (including adult children with a disability or elderly relatives), or in need of personal assistance, to spend as they wish to facilitate the member’s attendance at the annual SMBE meeting and SMBE satellite meetings. We will prioritize early-career scientists and according to need (e.g., younger children, disabled children or adults). Examples of eligible expenses include (but are not limited to) providing airfare for your child or for your caregiver to accompany you and attend functions with you if needed, flying a relative out to help with care at your home while you’re at the meeting, or extra help paying for on-site daycare.
Degree of recognitionInternational
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Awarded at event

Event titleAnnual Meeting of the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution
LocationJW Marriott hotel in downtown Austin, Austin, United States
Period2 Jul 2017 → 6 Jul 2017