Mediation effect of C-reactive protein in the relationship between abdominal obesity and intermediate hyperglycemia in Kuwaiti adolescents

Dr. Hend Alqaderi, Ebaa Al Ozairi, Saddoun Bin-Hasan, Mary Tavares, Jo Max Goodson, Aishah AlSumait, Mohamed Abu-Farha, Jehad Abubaker, Devarajan Sriraman, Nourah AlMuhana, Fahd Al-Mulla

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Aim: This study aimed to investigate the mediating effect of C-reactive protein (CRP) on obesity and hyperglycemia. Materials & methods: Fasting blood glucose, high-sensitivity CRP (hs-CRP) levels and waist circumference (WC) were measured on 353 participants. Multilevel regression modeling and mediation analyses were used to investigate the link between abdominal obesity, hs-CRP and hyperglycemia. Results: Elevation in hs-CRP was predictive of hyperglycemia in nonobese individuals (OR = 1.3, p = 0.03). With every 1-mg/l increase in hs-CRP, there was a 1-cm increase in WC (B = 0.87, p = 0.001). hs-CRP was a full mediator in the relationship between WC and hyperglycemia. Conclusion: hs-CRP predicts hyperglycemia development in nonobese individuals and the effect of increased WC on hyperglycemia was fully mediated by hs-CRP.
Original languageEnglish
Article numberISSN 1752-0363
Number of pages12
JournalBiomarkers in Medicine
Publication statusPublished - 5 Nov 2020


  • C-reactive protein
  • diabetes
  • hyperglycemia
  • prevention

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